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Comments on Islam from an article at

I like this post, and heartily agree and hope that the destruction of Islam will come to pass, freeing the millions who suffer under its cruel yoke.
Posted by drmusic | 08/24/10 10:08 AM EDT

A group of muslims is called "a nest of muslim parasites".

Let them build the mosque at ground zero.. Taller than the's fine...let Barak Husain Oh!Bama build a mosque on the white house lawns.... Taller than the white's fine....let Prince Charles build one on the palace lawns....taller than the's fine....let the pope build a mosque on the Vatican grounds....taller than the Vatican's fine ....the more mosques the better and the taller they are the better... That is the only way common people will start seething at intrusive and evil Islam.

I predict that within a 100 years there will be no mosques left in this world and there will be no Islam on the planet because Saudi Arabia and the Muslim countries will be wiped out by the …