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Dennis Miller: The other side of 'but'

Dennis Miller: The other side of 'but'
By: Dennis Miller
Op-Ed Contributor
October 16, 2009

I guess I've been hearing it for years now as the country has slid into knee-jerk relativism. Till now though, it's merely been an equivocating grandfather clock in the background, metronomic, at worst nettlesome. It was at the beginning of l'affaire Polanski, though, that I realized how much I've come to detest the word "but."

One liberal pundit or another (banality = interchangeability) was bleating on and on, and I actually heard the words "what Roman Polanski did was wrong but ..." and it hit me like an air horn in a Trappist monastery. With a simple wave of the conjunctive wand, we now believe that we can explain away absolutely anything!

I know man does not live by declarative sentences alone, although you can certainly do a lot worse than Hemingway. Purely and simply, there are certain times in life that you have to pull up short of the logic abyss …

An Open Letter to the President

Dear President Barack Obama:

You are an annoying prick.

Please get the fuck off of my television.

I am sick of hearing your irritating speech patterns and your goofy-looking face, and then the sickening boot-licking sycophants in the mainstream news media slobbering over your every pronouncement like you are the Saviour of all humanity.


The Citizens of the United States of America.

P.S. Now that you are making some extra bucks, how about getting that stupid mole removed from your face?