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Hey Poor People - Listen Up!

If you think that increasing taxes on "the rich" is not going to affect you, then you are going to be disappointed.

Let me give you a lesson in very basic economics. Don't worry, there is no mathematics involved, just clear, logical thinking.

1. Why are you poor?
2. Why are the rich rich?
3. Who pays the rich man's taxes?
4. Why does raising taxes on the wealthy hurt you, the poor?

1. Why are you poor?
You are poor for one or more of the following reasons: A) You are stupid. B) You are ignorant. C) You are smart (capable), but make stupid and/or ignorant decisions. D) You are smart, but made stupid and/or ignorant decisions. E) "The Man", or "Whitey" is keeping you down. F) Your parents fucked up and damaged you for life, rendering you incapable of overcoming your situation, essentially mentally and socially retarded. G) You had some or a lot of bad luck.

2. Why are the rich rich?
The rich, successful, wealthy, or whatever you want to call them are successful for one or more of the following reasons: A) They are smart. B) They make smart decisions. C) They work hard for success, even if "The Man" or "Whitey" is trying to keep them down. D) Even if their parents fucked up, they realized that now they are independent adults, their past does not have to dictate what their future will be. E) They had some or a lot of good luck.

3. Who pays the rich man's taxes?
The rich man, nearly every one in America, got rich through his own efforts. Most of the people whom you would call "rich" own some kind of business, that sells stuff you want to buy, or services you want to buy, or sells stuff or services that companies you buy stuff or services from want to buy. In other words, they start a company; sometimes it is a corporation, sometimes it is just a little mom-and-pop store. They work hard. When the government steals money from them (which the government calls "taxes"), the business owner increases the price of the stuff or services that he is selling. It cannot be any other way. He cannot pay money he does not have; he has to get it from you.

4. Why does raising taxes on the wealthy hurt you, the poor?
Now that you know how it works, here is what you need to understand: Raising taxes on the rich is raising taxes on EVERYONE, including YOU! YOU are paying the taxes, not "The Rich". YOU are paying. When you pay more for stuff you NEED, you have less money left over for stuff you WANT.

The message you need to understand is, whenever the government raises taxes on ANYONE, it is raising taxes on EVERYONE!

So, stop being stupid, stop being ignorant, stop doing stupid and ignorant things, like voting for politicians that raise taxes. Learn how to manage your money, start a business, and become rich yourself.



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