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The Democrat War on Morality

I take my title from the ridiculously titled book, "The Republican War on Science".

Government policy decisions often, if not always, have a moral component. Intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals (who are very influentual in the Democrat party) try very hard to remove morality from any consideration of the value of a proposed policy...unless, of course, the moral position supports their idea.

As an atheist, I do not believe there is an absolute standard of morality dictated by an omnipotent supernatural being. So what am I talking about? Morality is whatever we say it is, right? Well, yes. The important thing that these "intellectuals" seem to forget is that we, as a society, do say what morality is.

Even if the ultimate source of our western (or American at least) morality is ultimately from Judeo-Christian influences, the fact remains that we have a moral code. Some aspects of this moral code are in dispute, some are under attack; however, there is still an underlying, albeit unspoken sense of what is right and what is wrong. Nearly everyone has it. Liberals and conservatives each agree on most questions of right and wrong. Who would argue against this list?


Saving a Life
Freedom of Choice

Don’t all Americans find the practice of killing infant girls (in China) repulsive? Don’t we all find the radical Muslim practice of kidnapping and beheading westerners to be evil? Didn’t we all think the murder, in German death camps, of over 12 million humans to be an abhorrent and despicable action? Don’t we all think the deliberate starvation of entire populations in Africa to be evil? Can you remember how you felt in the hours and days after the attacks on America on September 11, 2001? Didn’t you cry, thinking of the thousands of murdered people, the families left without a father or without a mother, the sons, daughters, wives, husbands, and friends murdered by murderous fanatical religious freaks?

So, why do "liberals" and "conservatives" (as opposed to the political left and right, which are affiliated, but not necessarily the same) disagree on what is right and wrong? It appears to be a matter of perspective. Most people don’t think about why they feel the way they do, they just feel that way. If you are opposed to capital punishment but in favor of legal abortion, or vice-versa, it does not make you a bad person, even if demagogues (A.K.A. politicians) try to convince you otherwise.

Capital Punishment
Liberal: Killing is wrong, and allowing the state to kill for revenge is also wrong. Sometimes innocent persons are convicted and executed. Because of this, capital punishment should be eliminated.
Conservative: When an innocent person is killed, the murderer should pay with his life. To do otherwise is a mockery of principles of justice. The system is not perfect, but there are many safeguards built into our legal system, so the incidence of innocent people being executed is extremely rare. Though tragic, this is not a good reason to abandon the principle of executing murderers.

Liberal: A woman has the right to decide what to do with her own body. It is a matter of personal freedom.
Conservative: A baby is the most innocent person there is. Aborting a baby is as evil as killing a newborn infant.

Liberal: We must never use enhanced interrogation techniques, because it is torture. Torture is wrong under all circumstances. Information obtained under torture is unreliable.
Conservative: When the lives of thousands of Americans are at stake, enhanced interrogation techniques should be used to protect lives. Aggressive interrogation has been effective in getting valuable, reliable information that has protected American lives.

…and so the debate goes. Both sides have merit, but often one side prevails and imposes its will on the other. This leads to discontentment, which politicians exploit for their own advantage. What should be done is compromise. This partly assuages the deeply felt feelings of each side of an issue. For example, abortion should be legal up to a certain point, but not after. Capital Punishment should be an option only when the case and evidence is reviewed by an impartial panel of judges. Enhanced interrogation techniques must only be used under the approval of a bipartisan panel of Senators and the President.

Morality is an important part of being human. Even criminals have their own moral code. Our laws and policies must be moral. If they are not, then people lose respect for the law in general, and ignore it. This will lead to social chaos.


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