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Muslims Still Murdering Their Daughters and Sisters

Thank Allah for the civilizing influence of Islam. Otherwise, who knows what else these people might do?

Honour crime fear of Syria women
By Lina Sinjab
BBC News, Damascus

Seventeen-year-old Bushra is too scared to give her real name. She talks in a low, trembling voice, her face full of fear.
"They want to shed my blood, they want to kill me," she says, as she recounts how she escaped being murdered by members of her own family in a so-called "honour killing".
A Sunni Muslim, she had fallen in love with Fadel, from Syria's Alawite Muslim minority. He went to her family to ask for her hand in marriage, but he was rejected.
The family said Bushra must marry her cousin. But on their wedding day, she ran away with the man she loved and family members began to hunt her down, to "erase the dishonour" she had caused.
Bushra's story is not an exceptional one in Syria, where women's organisations estimate more than 200 women are murdered every year by brothers, cousins or fathers.
But she is one of the lucky ones. Bushra was arrested after her family reported her to the police, and taken into custody.
The juvenile centre where now lives gives her some protection, but her freedom of movement is severely limited.
The Syrian authorities are trying to crack down on the practice of "honour killing", and they have widespread support.
About 10,000 people have signed a petition calling for an end to the practice, in a campaign backed by senior Muslim officials.
Although Bushra has been in contact with the family, her eldest sister told her not to come back unless she married her cousin.
"She said: 'Even if you do (get married), hide for two or three months until things calm down. But don't come now, the family will definitely kill you'," Bushra tells me.
So she waits at the centre run by the National Organisation for the Development of Women (NODW) and the interior ministry, whose aim is to rehabilitate the girls and get them ready for a new life.
Many of them are serving sentences for vagrancy, prostitution, begging or running away.
But when they leave, they are still at risk, as the case of 16-year-old Zahra al-Ezzo tragically showed.
Zahra was kidnapped and raped by a family friend. The family reported the incident to the police and three days later the kidnapper, Taiseer Muhanna, was arrested and Zahra was freed.
He was sent into jail and she was brought to the juvenile centre, where she remained for 10 months until her family had her released after arranging that she marry her cousin.
One month later, Zahra's brother Fayez paid the young couple a visit. On the third morning of his stay, he murdered her while she was asleep.
"Zahra was a victim at the beginning and a victim at the end," says NODW head Rania al-Jabiri.
Her organisation is campaigning along with other groups for a change in the law. They have prepared a draft law which has been passed to parliament.
"We cannot do everything. We need the whole society with us to change this idea. It takes time and a change in mentality," she says.
It is an issue for all communities - Christian, Muslim and Druze - says Daed Musa, a lawyer and women's rights activist
"The laws are old and go back to the 1940s. No woman can feel safe under the current legislation."
Murders considered to have been in defence of honour are not considered a "crime" under Syrian law, but an "offence". It carries a maximum penalty of a year's imprisonment, but could be reduced to a month by a judge.
Some families entrust the task of erasing dishonour to a juvenile, further reducing the penalty.
Cultural change
After Zahra's death, the NODW renewed the campaign, circulating the petition and mobilising religious clerics to denounce the killing.
Syria's top Sunni cleric, Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Hassoun, rejects any suggestion that "honour crime" is sanctioned by Islam.
He explains that Islamic law requires four witnesses for the crime of adultery - an almost impossibly high burden of proof, which means in effect that no-one can be found guilty of it.
The mufti believes, however, that the starting point should be in education and tolerance especially with religious preachers.
"It is difficult to change laws that people are used to it and considered it as Sharia. In many cases, it is traditions rather than laws," he says.
"What we need is to educate people and spread awareness among the society. The problem is when you have people preaching at mosques and don't have a profound knowledge on Islam."
No women can be protected of an act of killing unless legal changes are introduced. This will take political will to actually happen. Until then, women in Syria will still be at risk.

Monument to Gullibility Completed

The world's fourth largest church is built at the shrine of Fatima in Portugal.

This is where the Virgin Mary appeared to three children in 1917.

Children can be forgiven for believing in magic, but how ignorant and gullible does one have to be to believe as an adult?

Oh, yeah. I forgot. I guess most adults are that ignorant and gullible. Just look at all the churches and religions in the world. And don't even get me started about the casinos.

Turks: Stupider Than Ever

Here is the article. I will add emphasis and comments as needed.

US Armenian vote: Readers' views Turkey has recalled its ambassador from Washington after a US congressional committee voted to recognise the mass killing of Armenians during World War I as genocide. Turkey denies claims it was genocide, while Armenia has welcomed the vote. Here, readers from Armenia and Turkey discuss the resolution, which has rekindled a heated and long-running debate.


Labelling this as genocide is wrong. [Yeah, Cavdet. They only raped, murdered, and starved one and a half million christians. It must have been a local incident.] Genocide happens when one side is superior to the other.
But illegal acts were carried out against us too. [You mean some of them fought back? But that was illegal! They should ALL be killed!]
Does anyone know or realise how many Turks were killed by Armenians at that time? [Why don't you tell us? Whatever it was certainly must have justified murdering all those innocents.]
Yes, Turkey killed some Armenians, but it was not an orchestrated act. [What did you smoke for breakfast?] That kind of an operation would have needed force which we didn't have. [So you are saying that it did not even happen? So where are all of these millions of Armenians? Are you hiding them?]
It was a consequence of war. [It was an opportunity to murder millions without having to deal with international condemnation of the crime.]
Armenians and other nations are always talking about the dead and the past. [How dare they remember their grandparents and cousins! They deserved to die!] We have lost many people too but we do not dwell on it. [Let's not dwell on unpleasant things.]
What I am trying to say is that we are not the bad ones. [Right, you are the good guys. All we have to do is ask you.]


As an Armenian, I feel deep respect towards the US lawmakers who passed this resolution, in spite of White House lobbying.
There is a human tragedy that has to be acknowledged, 90 years later. I salute the bravery of people who voted for it.
Three of my great-grandparents were survivors of the genocide. They fled from what is now Eastern Turkey.
Being children, they were separated from their families and placed in an orphanage founded by American missionaries in what is now Gyumri in Armenia.
I have heard the stories since I was a child, and although I don't have any negative feelings towards the current Turkish state, a bitter feeling of betrayal has remained.
There has always been a need for the world and the Turkish government to at least recognise that those killings were indeed genocide.
Now that has been achieved.


Does the US Congress think Turks are stupid? [I doubt it. But I think Turks are stupid.]
They pass such a bill, then say the American government is not against the Turkish government and that good relations will be maintained with Turkey.
Turkish President Abdullah Gul said the vote was unacceptable They don't know the Turks. [They will kill you and everyone else in your pathetic dirty kuffar country if you don't take it all back.]
I condemn a committee which appears to have bowed to pressure from Armenian religious leaders.
I don't think the US should have the right to vote on other nations' problems or condemn a nation for what happened 90 years ago. [We should have just ignored what the Nazis did too, right? Jews and Armenians just can't take a joke. Lighten up!]
Armenians killed Turks and Kurds, and Turks and Kurds killed Armenians.
It was a war. Things like that happen in wartime. [Exactly. Genocide happens in wartime.]


The genocide is a fact that cannot be denied. [Sure it can. Just read what the Turks are saying.]
It was planned and conducted very coolly under the nose of, and probably with the approval of, Europe in 1915. [Actually, Britain protested against it, and even Germany did. Imagine that: Germans thought it was bad.]
Armenians have welcomed the decision. What is surprising now is to see that the most powerful nation in the world got scared by Turkey, after its lawmakers took this decision.
France made the same judgement with dignity and honour.
Turkey was allied initially in both world wars with Germany and played its role quite dexterously, changing sides. [Yeah, they switched just as soon as it was apparent that Germany was going to lose. Very dexterous.]
It will be interesting to see if that will happen again as a result of this ruling.


The decision of the US Congress is unacceptable, unjust and unfair. [Unjust? Unfair? Rape, enslavement, starvation and murder are unjust and unfair.]
US lawmakers do not have the right to judge a historical case. [Actually, they do.]
I condemn Armenia for its attempt to blackmail Turkey and try to promote a false image of this country and what happened in the past.
Armenia is, after all, a problematic country itself in the region. [That means the genocide didn't happen.]
It has already - with the help of Russian forces - invaded 20% of Azeri land and forced millions of Azeris to leave their homeland. [So we were right to murder them all.]


The US Congress ruling could create real political tensions not only for Armenia and the wider region, but also for the US.
I think that this discussion should be halted.
It could really hurt the many thousands of Armenian people who live and work in Turkey. [They might start killing Armenians again. That will prove that they never killed Armenians.]
The US recognition of genocide may seem beneficial for Armenia, but we don't need conflict with Turkey.
The two countries would do better to leave this topic to the historians and focus on improving relations between neighbours. [Historians agree: it was Genocide.]
This kind of issue can do a lot of harm and has the potential to destroy political and economic relations.


New York Times Reveals its Disdain for Black Citizens

The NY Times article, entitled "A Clinton-Obama Quandary for Many Black Women", published today, 10/13/07, features quotes from many ignorant and ill-informed black women. To me, this is a subtle form of racism, because instead of featuring educated, articulate black women, of which there are plenty, they instead choose to highlight the stereotype of black women who don't know what they are talking about.

Everyone knows that ignorant people abound, and finding one or many is as easy as walking down to your nearest barber shop, or hairdresser. Why did the NY Times reporter choose to talk to black women at the beauty parlor instead of, for example, the university, or at restaurants where lawyers and business people meet?

No, the NY Times likes to portray blacks as stupid, uneducated, ignorant, illogical, and incapable of rational, independent thought or analysis. They also never portray blacks with opinions that differ from the NY Times party line, even though there is a broad diversity of opinion among black americans. In case you never knew, there are even conservative and Republican black Americans. The propagandists at the NY Times do this while trying to think of themselves as supportive of the cause of black america.

That's enough of my rant for now. I will conclude with quotes from the article, which highlight the ignorance of the opinions solicited.

Regarding Obama, one woman said:
“I fear that they just would kill him, that he wouldn’t even have a chance...”
She suggests that one way to protect Obama would be to not vote for him.

About Hillary:
“We always love Hillary because we love her husband...”
Now that is certainly a great reason to vote for Hillary.

Spouting and embracing religious nonsense, this was reported in the article:
“A man is supposed to be the head, ... I feel like the Lord has put man first, and I believe in the Bible.”

Vanessa Gerald, 38, a stylist at Carrie’s Magic Touch, a salon around the corner from Miss Clara’s, said she was torn because Mr. Obama was “trying to help his people, which Hillary is too.” Ms. Gerald said she would “have to go with my faith” in making her final decision but was thrilled to have such a choice.
“This is history here,” she said, puckering up a client’s hair. “On both sides. Either way, it’s history. So let’s see what history going to bring in.”

Yeah, let's see what "history going to bring in".


1914 - 1918: Global Jihad Begins in Turkey

The Armenian Genocide, carried out by the MUSLIM GOVERNMENT of the Ottoman Empire, was not just a racial genocide. Armenians were targeted because they were CHRISTIAN, not because they were Armenian.

The massacres of tens of thousands of men, women, and children at a time, the forced deportations, the brutal rape of hundreds of thousands of Armenian women and children, the confiscation of property and supplies, the forced labor, then murder of the laborers, led to the death of over 1,500,000 humans who happened to be Armenians, because they were not MUSLIMS.

Here is an interesting quote (from the article) from the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives:
And the top Republican in the House, Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Thursday that bringing the resolution up for a final vote would be "totally irresponsible."

"The fact is that Turkey is a very good ally of the United States. They are critical to our security, not only her to but our troops oversees," Boehner said. "Let the historians decide what happened 90 years ago."

LET THE HISTORIANS DECIDE! What an ass this guy is. Turkey is not a good ally. Turkey is an ally because it benefits Turkey. They are MUSLIM, and nearly all of them HATE THE UNITED STATES.

I understand the need to maintain good relations with nations that can offer assistance to us, and that should be the only reason to not pass this resolution. These other statements are ridiculous, and those who are making them should be ashamed of themselves.

I am no fan of Christianity, but at least Christians are not going around murdering everyone (in the last couple of centuries, anyway).

For a heart-rending description of the Armenian Genocide, check out this website: http://www.armenian-genocide.org/chronology.html.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali: abandoned to fanatics

From the Los Angeles Times Opinion Page

The outspoken former Dutch legislator deserves the protection her country promised before she ran for parliament.

By Sam Harris and Salman Rushdie
October 9, 2007

As you read this, Ayaan Hirsi Ali sits in a safe house with armed men guarding her door. She is one of the most poised, intelligent and compassionate advocates of freedom of speech and conscience alive today, and for this she is despised in Muslim communities throughout the world. The details of her story bear repeating, as they illustrate how poorly equipped we are to deal with the threat of Muslim extremism in the West.

Hirsi Ali first fled to the Netherlands as a refugee from Somalia in 1992 after declining to submit to a forced marriage to a man she did not know. Once there, in hiding from her family, she began working as a cleaning lady. But this cleaning lady spoke Somali, Arabic, Amharic, Swahili, English and was quickly learning Dutch, so she soon found work as a translator for other Somali refugees, many of whom, like herself, were casualties of Islam. These women had been abused, mutilated, denied medical care and proper educations and forced into lives of sexual subjection and compulsory childbearing.

After attending the University of Leiden, Hirsi Ali began speaking publicly about the repression of women under Islam, and shortly thereafter she started receiving death threats from local Muslims. Her security situation eventually became so dire that she moved to the U.S. in 2002. However, she was soon contacted by Gerrit Zalm, then deputy prime minister of the Netherlands, who urged her to run for parliament. When Hirsi Ali voiced her security concerns, Zalm assured her that she would be given diplomatic protection wherever and whenever she needed it. She returned to the Netherlands with this assurance, won a seat in parliament and became a tireless advocate for women, for civil society and for reason.

The rest of her story is well known. In 2004, Hirsi Ali collaborated with Theo van Gogh on the film "Submission," which examined the link between Islamic law and the suffering of millions of women under Islam. The reaction from the Muslim community was nothing short of psychopathic, and it confirmed the necessity of Hirsi Ali's work and the reasonableness of her fears. Van Gogh, having declined bodyguards of his own, was gunned down and nearly decapitated on an Amsterdam street, and a letter threatening Hirsi Ali was staked to his chest with a butcher knife.

Hirsi Ali was immediately forced into hiding and moved from safe house to safe house, sometimes more than once a day, for months. Eventually, her security concerns drove her from the Netherlands altogether. She returned to the U.S., and the Dutch government has been paying for her protection here -- that is, until it suddenly announced last week that it would no longer protect her outside the Netherlands, thereby advertising her vulnerability to the world.

Hirsi Ali may be the first refugee from Western Europe since the Holocaust. As such, she is a unique and indispensable witness to both the strength and weakness of the West: to the splendor of open society and to the boundless energy of its antagonists. She knows the challenges we face in our struggle to contain the misogyny and religious fanaticism of the Muslim world, and she lives with the consequences of our failure each day. There is no one in a better position to remind us that tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.

Having recapitulated the Enlightenment for herself in a few short years, Hirsi Ali has surveyed every inch of the path leading out of the moral and intellectual wasteland that is traditional Islam. She has written two luminous books describing her journey, the most recent of which, "Infidel," has been an international bestseller for months. It is difficult to exaggerate her courage. As Christopher Caldwell wrote in the New York Times, "Voltaire did not risk, with his every utterance, making a billion enemies who recognized his face and could, via the Internet, share information instantaneously with people who aspired to assassinate him."

The Dutch Parliament will be debating Hirsi Ali's case this week. As it stands, the government's decision to protect her only within the borders of the Netherlands is genuinely perverse. While the Dutch have complained about the cost of protecting Hirsi Ali in the United States, it is actually far more expensive for them to protect her in the Netherlands, as the risk to her is greatest there.

There is also the matter of broken promises: Hirsi Ali was persuaded to run for parliament and to become the world's most visible and imperiled spokeswoman for the rights of Muslim women, on the understanding that she would be provided security for as long as she needed it. Zalm, in his capacity as both the deputy prime minister and the minister of finance, promised her such security without qualification. Most shamefully, Jan Peter Balkenende, the Dutch prime minister, has recommended that Hirsi Ali simply quit the Netherlands and has refused to grant her even a week's protection outside the country, during which she might raise funds to hire security of her own. Is this a craven attempt to placate local Muslim fanatics? A warning to other Dutch dissidents not to stir up trouble by speaking too frankly about Islam? Or just pure thoughtlessness?

The Dutch government should recognize a scandal in the making and rediscover its obligation to provide Hirsi Ali with the protection she was promised.

There is not a person alive more deserving of the freedoms of speech and conscience we take for granted in the West, nor is there anyone making a more courageous effort to defend them.

Sam Harris is the author of "The End of Faith" and "Letter to a Christian Nation." Salman Rushdie is a novelist whose works include "Midnight's Children," which won the Booker Prize, and "The Satanic Verses."


Islamic Justice - Rapists are Acquitted

Because Islamic law requires four male witnesses to a rape, the brutal rapists who raped a young woman for "honor" were acquitted.

Won't the world be much nicer once we are all living under Sharia law?


New Turkish Constitution to "Protect" Women Back to Slave Status

Women condemn Turkey constitution
By Sarah Rainsford
BBC News, Istanbul

Women's groups in Turkey have condemned a new draft constitution, saying it sets the country back years in terms of gender equality.

A new constitution is being prepared to replace the current one, introduced after the military coup of 1980.

The document describes women as a vulnerable group needing protection.

The proposed constitution has already sparked fierce debate with a clause to allow women to attend university wearing the Islamic headscarf.

Speaking on Tuesday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan assured critics the new draft constitution will reflect the values and needs of all groups of society.

'Patriarchal society'

More than 80 women's groups have come together to voice strong opposition to the draft constitution, calling it a major step backwards for equal rights.

The current constitution in Turkey obliges the government to ensure equality for all - a clause that women's groups fought hard to include.

The new draft removes that, describing women instead as a vulnerable group in need of special protection.

Women's rights activist Selen Lermioglu calls that worrying proof that Turkey is still a highly patriarchal society.

"If the government accepts this it will show their ideology and mindset about women and men - that women are a group that needs to be protected," she said.

"No we're not, we don't need protection. We need equality and ask for that, not protection.

"If all laws and the whole constitution is prepared with this mindset, it can have a really bad impact," she added.

The group says it has not formed a common position yet on the issue of the Islamic headscarf, worn by more than 60% of Turkish woman but banned in state offices, schools and universities.

The government wants to change the constitution to ensure girls who cover their heads can attend university.

Women's activists, like the wider society here, are divided on that.

So far the new constitution has been drafted behind closed doors: now women's groups are demanding to be consulted.

They want to make this process an opportunity to push for more rights, not fewer, including a clause insisting on a temporary quota for women, to eliminate discrimination in all areas.

They argue that is the only way to lift Turkey from close to the bottom of the list in Europe on gender equality.


Islamic Asshole Tries to Blow Up US Embassy

Excuse my redundancy. I suppose you don't HAVE to be an asshole to be a Muslim, but it seems to help. Notice how they don't mention his religion. As you read the story, you would think that it was just some regular guy who decided to bomb the US Embassy. The only indication of his religion is "Islamic literature" found in the backpack. I say it's time to round these people up.

The article:

Man busted trying to bring bomb into U.S. Embassy


Monday, October 1st 2007, 4:02 PM

A Bosnian man tried to enter the U.S. Embassy in Vienna today with a backpack loaded with explosives but was stopped by security, Austrian police said.

The 42-year-old man try to flee after his backpack set off a metal detector at the embassy, officials said. He was nabbed a short time later and no one wa hurt in the incident.

Investigators said the man's backpack was filled with explosives, nails and Islamic literature.

"There were a lot of nails in that bag. Had it exploded, it would have had an enormous shrapnel effect,” said Doris Edelbacher, of Austria's federal counterterrorism office.

The suspect was identified only as a native of Bosnia-Herzegovina who had been living in Austria.

Last month, authorities arrested three people — all Austrian citizens of Arab origin — in connection with a video posted online in March that had threatened Austria and Germany with attacks if they did not withdraw their military personnel from Afghanistan.