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What do you believe?

Beliefs color our thinking. In order to begin thinking clearly and rationally, we must learn to suppress, or at least examine our beliefs.

As an example, when you believe that being good keeps you safe from harm; emotionally, financially, and physically, then experiencing such harm can cause a serious crisis in your mind. If, however, you knew that bad events can happen to good people, and that it is not related to their goodness or badness, then you are not devastated emotionally when harm comes to you.

When you believe that God controls the universe, and that he will protect your family and loved ones from harm and illness, even from premature death, then you wind up confused, disillusioned, sometimes even hating God when a loved one becomes gravely ill or dies. If you examine your beliefs about the existence of God, or if you cannot bring yourself to do that, then about the actual track record of God in helping people, then the emotional confusion is lessened when such bad events happen.

If you see everything from an extreme political viewpoint, either conservative, liberal, communist, socialist, or religious, then you are less capable of seeing good ideas when they come from someone on the other side. If you hate the current political leadership because they do not follow your philosophy, then you become less able to engage in constructive debate; you sink to the level of simply hating that leader, no matter wheat he/she says or does.

Examine your beliefs, and be willing to question where they came from. See if there is objective, real evidence to support them. Then, see if there is objective, real evidence to support the opposite or different beliefs.

Make the world a better place by being less of a believer, and more of a thinker. Teach others to do so.


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