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Criticism of Islam

The problem that the western Christian (and Jewish) world has in criticizing Islam is not fear of reprisal and violence, even though it usually appears to be so, evidenced by the cowardly refusal of book stores to stock The Satanic Verses, the cowardly refusal of newspapers and magazines to publish the so-called “disrespectful” Danish cartoons, and the Pope’s cowardly backpedaling and apology for having made a TRUE STATEMENT about the violence inherent in Islam.

No, the problem is that believing Christians and Jews know in their hearts that the true criticisms of Islam are about its origins; about its founder and “prophet”, and about the fundamental assumptions of Islam: the existence of a supernatural being who controls the universe, and the necessity of obedience to this being. If the true (and therefore the most useful) criticisms of Islam are put forth, then it will require the Christian and Jew to look at the foundations of their own faith and beliefs, because the same reasoning can be applied to those faiths.

No person likes to be criticized, especially for a fault that he knows he has. So, normally, he will not be critical of another person who has the same fault, for fear of his own fault being criticized. That would be hypocrisy.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all have the same basic fault: They are based on superstition, ignorance, lies, misconceptions, misunderstanding, false hope, and a barbarian, tribal world view.

Just as every word in the Koran is a lie and a fabrication, so is every word in the Jewish and Christian scriptures. In spite of whatever beautiful sentiments are expressed in these “sacred” books, the fact remains that for the most part, they are bloody, cruel remnants of the beliefs of ignorant barbarian tribes from ancient times.

None of these scriptures or beliefs has any proof of their truthfulness. They do not stand up to criticism or review. They require suspension of that most wonderful ability we have, the ability to reason.

Please, everyone who can think, everywhere, join with us in criticizing and challenging violent, barbarian beliefs, regardless of the source, but especially the beliefs of Islam. My hope is that we can stem the tide of ignorance, stupidity, brainwashing, and violence that is originating in the religion known as Islam.

September 19, 2006


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