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Concerned Citizen Seeks to End LOL Abuse

In response to my friend's email, in which he used the phrase "LOL" (which means Laughing Out Loud for the web-illiterate), my friend received this:

I have to start off by asking you if you actually LOL’d there, or if you are just typing that for the sake of typing it? Too many times in life people type LOL when they didn’t really LOL. Those three letters are losing all of their meaning because people just throw them around with no thought to the damage they could be causing. People type LOL for things that aren’t funny. Then you have a bunch of people going through life thinking they are funny, when in reality they aren’t funny. Someday when they actually meet face to face with a person who has been typing LOL to them in emails and text messages, they will say something that they think is funny, but the person won’t LOL. So the person will try harder to get that LOL, but lets be honest, when you try for the LOL all you get is worse jokes. So he doesn’t get the LOL, and he goes home wondering if maybe just maybe he isn’t as funny as he thought he was. If he isn’t as funny as he thought he was, are there other things in his life that aren’t what they seem? Suddenly he is questioning everything in his life. Maybe the receptionist didn’t really like his tie? Maybe his boss didn’t really like his idea? Maybe his girlfriend wasn’t “just out with the girls” last night? Suddenly he is drinking, loses his job, and winds up selling oranges on the corner of a freeway off ramp in downtown LA. All because someone carelessly threw around three letters. LOL indeed!

I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not accusing you of doing anything wrong. It is entirely possible that you actually LOL’d there and that’s perfectly acceptable. If you LOL by all means feel free to type that LOL there. Who am I to try and stop a man from LOL’ing if they are actually LOL’ing? That wouldn’t be right… However I hope that if you didn’t LOL, that at the very least, the next time you go to type those three letters, you think about how much of an impact those three letters can have on a person’s life. If you are going to LOL, at least LOL.

(Used with permission)


Gregg said…
Awesome article! I agree 100%, and I actually did lol a couple times reading it.

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