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Hypocrisy = "Shut Up!"

When a person calls another a hypocrite, even if it is true, he is saying "Shut Up!". It is an attempt to cause such shame that the hypocritical person will cease to oppose your ideas.

It removes from the discussion the rational analysis of the topic at hand. It is a bloodless assassination - it removes your enemy from the discussion, thus weakening the opposition.

To me, ideas stand on their own. Regardless of the hypocrisy, the goodness, or the badness of the person, the idea itself should be analyzed, not the person stating it.

The anti-jew statements made by a drunken Mel Gibson some months ago is an example. If I recall correctly, his statement was that "jews started all the wars in the world." Instead of refuting his unfounded statement, people were simply incensed by his "anti-semitism." Many vowed to never see another Mel Gibson movie.

Now, that is just ridiculous. Mel, and anyone else, is perfectly within his rights to dislike anyone he pleases. Perhaps he should be chastised for making such a derogatory statement about the jews, but the real point is that he is wrong. Nobody stepped up to point out that most of the wars in the world were NOT started by jews. All it would have taken is a credible historian to hold a little news conference and present the facts. That alone should be sufficient.


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